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To authorize provide user identity and password used in external system: eduroam, library.
If u can not login go to help.

To log in to the Student Platform, enter your ID and password.
The identifier is the user's album number:

e.g 12345 (for students and PhD students, this is the last 5 digits of the album number) and P1234 (for postgraduate studies, this is the last 4 digits of the album number preceded by the letter "p").

To obtain a password to log in to the Student Platform, please visit: http://umlub.pl/studenci-i-doktoranci/zmiana-hasla/
To reset the password, enter the album number and e-mail address given during the recruitment process. An email containing a link to change your password will be sent to your email address.

You can get additional help by writing to the following address: pomocportalstudenta@umlub.pl

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